Orising Laboratory

Since 1963, the specialists of ORising Laboratory (Italy) have developed a new approach to various hair and scalp problems. The quintessence of their researches was the creation of unique series of phyto-cosmetic preparations of TM ORising intended for personalized integrated solutions of the whole spectrum of various hair and scalp problems - from hair loss and scalp acid-base and hydro-lipid balance recovery to elimination of the consequences of harmful effects of aggressive environmental factors and various chemical effects on hair. Any issue is easier to prevent than to solve, this is the philosophy of ORising.

Hair root

The hair root is situated in hair follicle. The base of the follicle contains the hair papilla, which blood vessels are connected to supplying the cells with essential nutrients and oxygen.

This important component of the follicle acts as a computer responsible for the hair condition and growth. A hair is growing due to the division of the cells in the lower part of the follicle - hair bulb. A the mouth of the hair follicle, the Sebaceous gland duct opens, producing sebum, which lubricates a hair giving it elasticity, durability and water repellency

Hair stem

The hair stem is composed of three concentric layers: 

• Medula - central layer 

• Cortex filled with keratin and pigments determining hair color

• Cuticle - outer layer

A cuticle gives hair its elasticity, bending strength, protects it from water and mechanical damage.

Intact cuticle reflects light well, making the hair shiny. A hair consists of 3% of moisture and 97% of keratin.

Keratin is a protein built of 16 amino acids and enriched with sulfur, microelements (iron, copper, zinc, chromium, manganese) and vitamins - A, B, PP, C, H. In addition, the composition of healthy hair includes lipids and pigments

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