About ORising

ORising company was founded in 1963 in Verona. Today, its headquarters are still there. The company demonstrates its strong commitment to the family tradition. Today, the production is headed by the founder's son Mario Matiello.    

For more than half a century, the company ORising  specializes exclusively in the manufacturing  of products for therapeutic hair and scalp  care that have perfectly proven themselves in more than forty countries allover the world. And Turkey is no exception.

In Switzerland, there is a clinic, which works exclusively with the cosmetics of this brand.  


 Hair treatment procedure with therapeutic cosmetic preparations ORising is the solution for men and women who want to find the best way of  hair and scalp health care. ORising  strengthening air care products are very decent choice, as each product combines progressive solution in the field of beauty with the unchanged traditions of natural ingredients. Italian hair cosmetics ORising consists of the selected exclusive raw materials of natural origin.

The products of this brand will help to solve any issues by offering unconventional treatment procedures for hair and skin. ORising line, which is a synergy of precision and personalized treatments, is very popular in Italy and abroad.

It consists of innovative products of the highest quality efficient substances of natural origin.